Thursday, October 15, 2009

there's a heavy fog out tonight. i walked through it with junebug - it was eerie and soothing and filmic.

how has leonard cohen not yet found me wandering the streets of la?

i screened the movie at en2go yesterday for kandice and her mom, christine, who was very insightful and had lots of feedback. i'm setting up a screening soon with the intention of gaining feedback, and might set it up there. (thanks, kandice!)

worked at lamill today as a server, which leaves me less time to focus on getting the movie done, but also motivates me more in my spare time, since i have less spare time to spare.

au revoir, simone!


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Manhattan Beach: 90210, Sony, and Dennis Quaid

Had an audition in Manhattan Beach yesterday for '90210'. I felt like a caricature of myself just being there - fantastic. Then met with Justin Connor about his indie picture and got to see some of his really great paintings.
Went to the Sony lot today for a lunch meeting about my film with one of the producers on 'Claire'.
Had plans to play tennis with Jon Levine afterward but he got held up so I stayed on the lot to kill some time. So many guys walking around in suits. That is totally my weakness. I think I could live on the Sony lot pretty happily. There's a Coffee Bean, comfy couches and cute boys in suits. What else could a gal need? I'm a woman of simple pleasures. 

Coffee shops on studio lots always remind me of this thing, below. It's seriously one of my favorite things ever. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

Lastly, said producer loved the movie. Score! Hooray for small victories like that one.

Sunday, September 27, 2009, and two movies!

A website is up! Thanks to my oldest baby brother, Lionel.

Here it is.

Also, two movies on the horizon. Just acting, thankfully, for the time being. One, a sci-fi/horror called Outliers. I get to work with two of my favorite people - Kelsey Link and Emmett Callanan. They're probably the funnest people I could conceive of to work with. The other, a musical-drama, by and starring Justin Connor. This is the first time I'm getting to work on movies made by friends.

An hour and a half until Yom Kipper begins. That means 25 hours of no food, water, phone, TV, and some other things. May even walk to synagogue. Wonder if they'll let pup in?

If anyone else is fasting, hope it is meaningful. I'm looking forward to crawling into a hole, for the most part.


PS: I love this so frakking much.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Claire photoshoot /Pee Wee's Big Adventure

On Friday I had a photo shoot for the opening sequence for Claire. I desperately need new headshots since mine are a couple years old and anyway, are cropped American Apparel ads and not actual headshots. But on Friday, Austin , the DP for 'Claire' was kind enough to snap a few shots of my head. She is awesome. Also, her last name is Smoak (pronounced "Smoke") and my last name is Ash, so I'm pretty sure we're destined for greatness together.

Saturday night I saw Pee-wee's Big Adventure at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. For any of you that haven't been: They project old movies onto a mausoleum there on summer nights on weekends. Next week is the last one of the year. Anyway, I had never seen PWBA before, and boy am I lucky I didn't go my whole life not having seen it! What a great movie! Also, Paul Reubens came out beforehand to introduce the movie, which was awesome.

Hope ya'll had a good weekend.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The new plan for Kaleidoscope

I went to the premiere of The Scenesters with Adam, neighbor-/friend-/editor- -extraordinaire. Really enjoyed it. Nice seeing indie movies past the production and post-production blues. Not that the haul is over, but still.

Anyway, sat next to this guy, also a filmmaker, Matthew, who suggested utilizing this year to get score, sound, and picture to its best, really taking my time, put up a website, hire someone for PR, and submit to Sundance's early deadline next year. Makes a lot of sense. So that's where I'm at with that.

If you or anyone you know would like to help with anything, now that there's more time, please don't hesitate to get in contact.

Also, saw a rough version of George Hickenlooper's new film yesterday, Casino Jack, which I really enjoyed. It was at Paradigm and we all gave our feedback afterward. Would love to utilize that idea in helping me get my movie to its best incarnation. Ideas everywhere!

exes and ohs.

Friday, August 28, 2009

so i kind of lied...

...about alex doing my sound. he's super busy right now which is a bummer for me, but good for him. now i'm desperate for a sound genius to make some miracles happen by sundance. the money sitch is a little scary in that there is no money. buuuuut i believe it will work out and i will find me some. i'm like a pirate. so if ya hear of anything, gimme a shout.

people have a rough time spelling "kaleidoscope". the tough part seems to be the first "o". people like to put in an "a" or "i". but, no, it is an "o".

i just gave my pup, junebug , a bath and she is softer than ever. plus she just got her stitches out at the vet and she's looking like a real dog again. even had a play date with rambo . oh, boy!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

kaleidoscope, claire, honest cheat

i had no memory of writing that last blog nearly 2 years ago. i almost thought it was written by someone else for a minute.

pre-production is a lifetime ago. i'm now done with a recent edit - thanks to my neighbor, film wiz, adam deyoe . his movies are distributed by troma , and couldn't be more different from my one movie, kaleidoscope. if you know anything about troma, or adam, the norm is blood, guts, nudity. his movies happen to be smart and funny, but working on a drama is something totally new and i think the stark contrast in our art makes for a more interesting, rewarding turnout.

i just realized yesterday that i'd already missed the sundance early submission deadline and i'm now working hard to make the late deadline. my friends albert ovadia and alex senf in miami (where i grew up, and where they just opened their own recording studio) are working on sound and score. i don't know anyone as particular and finicky as alex, so i'm counting on his snobbery, and the developed ear-holes of both of them, to help make it sound as good as possible. i think you can forgive bad picture for good sound, but not the reverse.

i also just acted in another indie movie, claire, and the director, who became a close friend of mine, dan ast, is in the same boat, trying to make the sundance deadline. it's so nice to have that camaraderie for me, especially since i didn't go to film school, and to feel less alone. my producer mentally checked out probably halfway into the shoot, and has been invisible throughout post-production, so i'm kind of feeling my way around in the dark. it's exciting and terrifying.

long ago, i was in a music video that was part of a competition for pretty girls make graves. i was directed (more brilliantly than i realized at the time) by michael harring, who has since moved to seattle and done some features out there. i reconnected with him via facebook during pre-production and the start of post, and that helped me retain my sanity, too. thank goodness for good people. here's his blog .

any female filmmakers around that want to connect, holler. that'd be nice.

i also just wrapped (though pick-ups remain!) on this indie movie called honest cheat. i'm not a huge fan of the title, though the director, aristides zamora, has a strong vision and whenever i've been able to sneak a peek of a shot, it has looked pretty fantastic.

that's the long and short of it. i have no budget left, so if you're a patron of the arts or know one, please feel free to help out. for the non-rich that want to help, your support is tremendously appreciated. tell your friends, ask me any questions, join the facebook group, get your friends to join.

my friends of the melonakai, kandice and tim melonakos, have helped convince me to keep a blog. kandice, a talented, motivated, aspiring singer and tim, a teacher living in venezuela for a year, are both keeping track of their progresses as well.

until next time.

if you are reading, thanks for reading.